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Is there a way to close all open menus without referring to each specifically?


  • Yes, there's a function for that.


  • Thanks!
    How can I call that function at the required time using AGs action lists?

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    Two options:

    1. Create your own action. Here's official tutorial.

    2. Use the action Object: Call event

    • Create a new c# script
    • Create new method called whatever you want - CloseAllMenus for example
    • Put this line in the method: PlayerMenus.ForceOffAllMenus()
    • Attach this script to any object in the scene
    • Use the action Object: Call event (attach the object and select your created method)

    void CloseAllMenus() { PlayerMenus.ForceOffAllMenus(); }

    Note: Don't forget that your c# script needs to have using AC at the beginning

  • Place it in a custom script function, and call that function with either the Object: Call event or Object: Send message Actions.

  • So I've tried Keks's second suggestion.
    But when I use the call event and select the method I created (close menus) I'm presented with a list of functions (?) I don't know which to choose?
    Am I doing this right? what should I choose from the list?
    See pics of the script and list -

  • Nearly there. Just make your "closeAllMenus" function public:

    public void closeAllMenus(){

    It'll then be an option in the event drop-down.

    If you place this component on a GameObject, and then make it a prefab, you can then reference this prefab in the Action so that it can be called from any scene.

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