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Handling Variables For A Simple "Shooter" Section

I'm trying to put short fps sections in this game, like in TellTale's Walking Dead Season 1.
General shooting mechanics I have working, but I'm a little unsure on handling reloading with variables.
Variables I have are:
"Loaded_ammo" - the ammo in the magazine.
"Reserve _ammo" - backup ammo not yet loaded.

Say I have a gun that holds 10 bullets, and I have a reload button set up using an active input.
When I press reload, it would deduct 10 from "Reserve_ammo" and add 10 to "Loaded_ammo" this is fairly simple. However, what should I do when "Reserve_ammo" is less than 10?
I need to somehow check if "Reserve_ ammo" is less than 10, then add whatever is left to "Loaded_ammo".

This last part I am stuck on, any help appreciated.


  • Purely done through the standard Actions, I suppose you could do it by deducting 10 as normal, and then adding on the value of "Reserve_ammo" if it's negative.

    Say it's 7 to begin with. Upon reloading, "Loaded" and "Reserve" are then 10 and -3 respectively. "Reserve" is now negative, so "Loaded" gets -3 added to it which becomes 7.

    Though, it's also possible to read and manipulate variables through script - see the front page of the Scripting Guide.

  • Excellent! Thank you.

  • Coming back to this, I think it could be done on smaller action lists using a simple formula. Your tutorial here was very helpful in giving me a head start.

    So if loaded is [var:1]
    and reserve is [var:2]

    You can check if loaded is less than 10, then check if the value of reserve is less than 10, and if it is, by using the formula: [var:1]=[var:2], and so whatever is left in reserve is what is added to loaded.

    However, if reserve is not less than 10, I need to somehow find the value of how much space is left in the magazine, which means I need to introduce another variable, eg. max_clip. Do another formula maybe? [var:3]-[var:1] (to find out how much space is remaining) then subtract that from [var:2] and add it to [var:1] (or just set it to 10).

    I may have mixed those up a little, I may also be overthinking it. It seemed clear when I first started on it, hehe.

  • edited September 2019

    I've sorted the first part. It actually required 4 variables in the end:
    Loaded, Reserve, Max_Clip and Bullets_To_Load.

    All done by just one check (to see if reserve is less than bullets to load) and then three formulae.

    Now I just need to figure out how to deduct from reserve even if it's less than bullets to load but more than empty (0).

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