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Problem with stopping music


I have a scene (room inside house) with a music track that has "Play across scenes?" enabled.
I start this track manually.
I have an exit from this scene, in which I use **Sound::Fade out **action to stop music.
If I enter then exit this location everything works fine.

But I also have another scene (fridge). When we enter it, music keeps playing like it should. When exiting - the same, like it should. But when I exit the main scene (room) Music doesn't stop.

I tracked the logic and found out, that after I exit the scene music was started from, and then return, the field in Sound::Fade out becomes empty.


  • For both the ActionList and the "H_Music" sound object: are you dealing with scene-based objects, or asset files?

    It's recommended to rely on the dedicated Sound: Play music Action to handle music playback, as this automates scene-survival and saving/loading.

  • ActionList is scene-based, Sound object too. I'll try Play Music instead of Sound:Play

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