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Hover/click sound latency on some machines

I'm getting get a very long latency when playing the hover/click sounds specified on buttons on AC menus on some machines, while other has no noticeable latency at all.

Surface Pro 4 Win 10 v.19?? - no noticeable latency (not sure about the version but should be 1903)
Surface Pro 6 Win 10 v.1903 - tons of latency

This is using the same actual build (when latency is present it is also there in edit mode).

Ultimately AC uses audioSource.Play() to play the sound, which should be fine. I tried using audioSource.PlayOneShot(clip) instead but there results are the same.

Has anyone experienced this or have a theory?



  • My first thought would be to check the import settings of the clip itself, i.e. whether it's preloaded into memory, etc.

  • edited October 2019

    It uses the default import settings for sound:!Amz_vh8OYDX3u-JUqeZGKA209uVhiA?e=4VSFQU

    I messed around with other import settings but it had no effect.

    Thanks for the idea though, I totally get that this is not an AC specific issue...

    BTW: Both machines uses the same Windows version: Win 10, 1903 Build 18362.418
    So strange that the older machine is way faster on this :P

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