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Camera Issues with PuppetMaster

I've been having some (hard to recreate) jittering issues when using the GameCameraThirdPerson with the PuppetMaster asset. I've spoken to Partel, the developer, & could do with knowing a few things so I can look into it properly:

Is the camera updated in LateUpdate? Also what is the name of the actual script for this camera, so I can re-order it in the script execution order if necessary (apparently it needs to have a higher value than PuppetMaster).

I have not seen the same issues using fixed / "basic" cameras or first person cameras, but then again, as I said it's very hard to reliably recreate the issue, so it could just be coincidence, or even just related to something else, such as character controller or an undetected bug in PM itself, not sure. Something tells me it's not AC at fault, but It never hurts to check. Wouldn't surprise me if it's just a Unity physics problem actually.


  • The camera is updated in Update, but the MainCamera that attaches itself to it does so in LateUpdate.

    However, both of these are controlled by the StateHandler script - camera scripts do not update themselves.

    You may also want to consider use of the Advanced Third-person camera.

  • Okay, thanks for the information Chris.

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