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Camera Collision with First Person Camera

In this scene, I am experimenting with using the First Person Camera actually as a third person "over the shoulder" camera, used as an aim camera (in combination with Final IK) activated via active input, and it's actually working pretty good. However, if the player moves really close to walls, the camera passes through them, and I don't think there are collision settings that can be configured.

The reason I am using this camera is that it allows a "target" to be attached to it that the character's Final IK is "aiming" at, so the target moves with the camera, and the camera is a child of the player, whereas with the third person cameras, the camera cannot be a child of the player because it would go crazy as it tries to adjust itself endlessly.

Any advice appreciated, though sadly I may have to go back to my regular


  • What do you mean by attaching a "target" to the camera? AC's First Person Camera doesn't have a target in the regular sense that other camera types do.

    This camera type isn't designed for third-person / collision behaviour, but it is possible to implement custom camera scripts to behave however you need - see the Manual's "Adding custom cameras" chapter for more.

  • Not sure what happened there, it was supposed to end with "... my regular first person setup."

    The target I was referring to was Final IK's Aim Target, which is a child of the camera (I shouldn't have said attached - switching between 3DS Max & Unity plays hell with my terminology). This is how the character is aiming in the video.

    Anyway, not a problem then, I understand that's not it's intended behaviour, I think I was just surprised at how well it was working. I might look through the asset store for some sort of camera collision system you can just drop in, or look for a collision tutorial on youtube.

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