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Advanced Third Person Camera Collision Woes

When using the Advanced Third Person Camera, I can't seem to get collision to work reliably and it keeps clipping through walls. It seems that if you leave the camera at it's default position (not alter the parameters, but the actual camera which is a child object), it has less issues with clipping, but I want the camera to be offset to the right a little bit, rather than have the character right in the centre.
I have tried tinkering with the Wall Separator values, but I can't seem to find a setting that minimises clipping consistently, though I also don't quite understand what "Regions" and their individual heights and offsets do. I don't think they relate to collision though?


  • No, regions are to do with the camera's height and distance from the target.

    Collision is prediction-based, so it can only work if the camera is in the same position as the root - i.e. has a local position of (0,0,0).

    You can, however, create an offset effect by raising it's local Y-rotation value, so that it points to the right, rather than being positioned to the right.

  • I see, thank you.

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