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Displaying a Global Integer

How can the player be shown a numerical value representing a global variable, for example currency or health? Can it be done in a Dialogue: Play Speech action (as narration)?


  • You can use the [var:X] token to display a Global Variable's value in menu elements (including speech text). See the Manual's "Text tokens" chapter for more on this topic.

  • Yep, got it working in no time, thanks again. There's just one issue though:
    I am displaying it as narration speech text in an action list. The action list has just three actions:

    *Display this text
    *Wait 1.5 seconds
    *Stop Speech (and force off subtitles)

    However, because I have "Display narration forever until user skips it" checked (because normally in the game that's how I want it), the stop speech action does not work - the player has to do it manually. Do you think in a future update, the stop speech action should override the display narration forever option?

  • I can't recreate such a problem. What's your AC verison, and let's see both the Actions in question as well as your Speech Manager options.

  • Oops, sorry I didn't have the Play in Background? option checked on the Play Speech action. All is well.

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