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Problems when changing Timescale.

Happens more to some of my testers with low end computers; When applying a speed mode (timescale x4 and other of x10) sometimes some cutscenes breaks. Possibly combined in the moment of a lag spike. for example, if a player activates x4 timescale just in the moment a camera is crossfading or a image is fading, the cutscene keeps playing dialogue wise, but the camera crossfade does not ocurr, or the image fade frezzes and not more actions of image fading are computed.

Can this make sense? maybe because the timescale computations of that operations?
there may be a way to fix it?


  • How are you applying the change - with the Engine: Change timescale Action, or a custom script? What are your AC/Unity versions also?

    In order to attempt a recreation, I'll need a specific scenario. Can you share a typical ActionList that causes such issues?

  • A key shortcut activates or deactivates a Engine:Change timescale set via parameters, basically;

    These actions are asset actionlist and all Run in Background. I changed them now to Pause Gameplay see if that helps and I'm gonna test to break the game.

    It seems to have the same effect.

    I find a place a easy place to test where I can reproduce the error. If I activate the fast speed just when executing a cutscene that executes a Camera > Fade > Fade Out, that is followed by a Camera Crossfade, the camera goes black, and doesn't execute the Camera Crossfade with a wait until finish. I hear the sound of the text playing. If I press ESC the camera fade ins, but the camera is from the previous scene. (So the next custscene is playing but the camera didn't change, thing that works If I don't touch any speed changes while that is happening)

    That seems to mean exactly that when executing the Timescale change when in process of a Camera Fade out, it breaks camera changes. It does not affect Camera Switch, only Camera Crossfade.

    **Update: **
    For now, I put all time changing actionlists to run on background again, I'm just replacing all the Camera Fade outs with just a fading the image that is shown to a black image bellow, is a fix that works for me.

  • You mentioned briefly a camera from the previous scene. Is there a scene-switch involved during this sped-up time? Again, seeing the ActionList in question is the best way for me to succesfully recreate such an issue.

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