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Actionlist Timing Problems

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Hi Chris

Unity 2019.2.4f1 AC 1.69.5

I've got a Start Actionlist that runs when the Game starts. It's set to PauseGameplay with IsSkippable false

I've also got Actionlists in every Scene, that run when each Scene loads

The Scene Actionlists rely on the Start Actionlist to initialise a bunch of things that they need, and my assumption was that the Start Actionlist would run to completion before anything else happened

I was getting some unexpected behaviours that suggested that maybe the Start Actionlist wasn't actually completing before the first Scene Actionlist ran, so I started adding Console comments to some of the Actionlists to try and work out what was going on - and as far as I can tell, the Start Actionlist does not necessarily complete before the first Scene Actionlist runs

If I set a delay (to, e.g. 0.2 seconds) on the first Scene Actionlist to run, giving the Start Actionlist time to complete, then everything works as expected; but that's clearly not ideal, because the Start Actionlist will grow as the game develops, so I've no real way of knowing how long to set the delay, plus... it's just not a very satisfactory solution in any case

I've been away from AC for a while, so it's quite likely that I'm missing some setting or other, so any suggestions welcome


  • as far as I can tell, the Start Actionlist does not necessarily complete before the first Scene Actionlist runs

    The On start scene / On start game ActionLists are independent, and one won't rely on the former to run - though "On start game" will be called first.

    The "On start game" list is intended for initialisation, and you should try to avoid having it run for more than a single frame, i.e. no wait Actions, or ones with "Wait until finish?" checked. What exactly are you trying to achieve with the list? Screenshots and details will help to understand the specifics of the issue.

  • Thanks for the reply Chris

    I DID have some "Wait until Finish?" parameters set in the Start Actionlist (which was mainly defining NPCs' start scenes, and ensuring that my own Custom Engine was instantiated in the game). I've removed those Waits from the Start Actionlist, and now I'm getting the expected behaviour without having to use any other jiggery-pokery

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