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VideoPrepare Issue

I have a series of VideoPrepares set for videos that play in sequence, all in their own VideoPlayer. The first preceding video has 'Wait Til Finish' ticked and plays through and the prepared videos all play as expected afterwards, in sequence. No problem there. However...

I've noticed that if I'm testing the game and so much as open a window of any program from the taskbar and return to Unity, the 'wait till finished' video stops and it jumps straight to the first prepared video, sometimes showing the prepared video's first frame, sometimes not.

I've tried changing the cutscene's property to 'Pause Gameplay' but it doesn't make a difference.

I'm using Unity 2019.2.16f and the latest AC.

If you need screenshots then please let me know but this is easily reproducible in a new project with a couple of VideoPlayers and a cutscene with the second video prepared and the first video playing and set to 'Wait Til Finish'.


  • I will look into it, but a workaround in the meantime would be to uncheck Wait until finish? and follow it up with an Engine: Wait Action of the same duration.

  • Can't recreate. When the Editor or build application loses focus, the video continues in the background, but doesn't skip when re-focused.

    • Does your second video Action affect the same Video Player as the first?
    • If you replace the second action with an Engine: End game Action, does the game end when you re-gain focus?
    • Does this occur in builds or just the Unity Editor?
  • It's important to note that it only loses focus if a window is opened (for example Google Chrome) over the top of the playing editor/game. Minimising the Unity window doesn't do this and the video continues to play as it should when focus is regained.

    Adding a temporary 'End Game' action in place of the second action does indeed cause the game to exit when a new window is opened over the top of it as it's skipping the video that it should wait for and jumps straight to the next action, in this case 'End Game'.

    It does this in actual builds too so its not just the editor.

  • edited December 2019

    It's important to note that it only loses focus if a window is opened (for example Google Chrome) over the top of the playing editor/game.

    In that case, it's likely a system/Unity issue.

    What OS are you using, specifically?

  • I'm using Windows 10.

  • I'm afraid I still cannot reproduce such an issue - using Windows 10 and also opening Chrome.

    I would recommend testing on another machine if you can, it'll be important to learn if this is an issue unique to your machine.

  • Hi Chris

    I managed to get the videos to continue playing by having 'Run In Background' in the Unity Player settings.

    I'm still having the issue though of prepared videos suddenly appearing and pausing on their first frame though before the 'wait till finished' video player has even finished when losing focus.

    I don't know if this is due to my graphics card or a Unity or AC issue :/

  • The preparation of videos is a Unity function - AC's Action merely provides a way of triggering it.

    As I've said, I can't recreate such an issue. The only thing for it would be to create a new project that has a single scene that demonstrates the issue with just two videos, and a "bare bones" AC installed (no Demo game folders). Then, zip up the whole project and PM it to me.

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