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For Evelyn - A Story-Driven Fantasy Adventure Game

Greetings fellow game developers! I'm Kisu, currently creating a story-driven adventure game set in a dark fantasy world. I aim to create serious games that touch on mature themes. This is just the first of many compelling stories that I wish to tell.

The game will include several different characters with their own stories, and they will all have character art made for them with a wide range of emotions. They will also have partial voice-acting.

Story Trailer coming soon!


World of Aura inspection tool:



For Evelyn is not a happy story, but it's human and it dives deep into the underbelly of a fantasy world where things are about to go horribly wrong. The game takes place in the land of Aura, near the city of Morningstar. There lives a nobleman named Edwin, who owns a luxurious inn with his wife, Yohanna. She has a daughter from a previous relationship, Evelyn, who is seen as the most beautiful elf woman in the land.

Evelyn is courted by numerous men, only to be rejected by her. Until one fateful day, a charming man enters her life. His name is Eragon, at first sight, he’s just the same as all the others, but soon Evelyn will see that he is not at all what he seems. A spark of love is ignited.

However, the man’s father is a notorious commander of The Watcher Order, a group of peacekeepers who are generally feared throughout the land for their drastic laws and judgments. The commander is none other but The Red Baron, one of the most known commanders of The Watchers.

Yohanna doesn’t allow Evelyn to be married to a son of The Red Baron, so she does whatever she must to protect her daughter. So starts a chain reaction of events that sends the whole land into chaos and war. Soon, Edwin will learn how far he has to go to protect his loved ones. With emotional backstories and a powerful, moving musical score, For Evelyn will draw the player in and refuse to let go.


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