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The Joyfess Game Released
Would not have been possible without Adventure Creator. Our original developer failed us and with no one technically versatile, our project was about to be ruined. Not anymore. After years of work, our game is finally released (and to our surprise we were able to optimize it, too!).
Meet Joyfess Tidesman, guys. I hope you enjoy tying and playing this game as much as we enjoyed developing it!
Here is a huge discount coupon for the members of this wonderful AC community.
A million thanks Chris. We love you!
-Hari and the Joyfess Team


  • I Like the art style! Looking really good!

  • Thank you Salex! I hope you try and enjoy the game. :)

  • What a beautiful illustrations. The story concept looks fun.

  • Congrats on your release! This looks like such a fun title with a beautiful art style. I wish you and your team much success with this and your future projects.

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