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Translating Global AC String Variable when set through an Action

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Hi I've ran into a small problem with translating some text in my game. I have a Global AC String Variable. At one stage in the game I want to change the variable from original value to something else through the Action: Variable Set. There's also a Unity Prefab GUI, linked to AC Menu's and it has a simple text component linked to AC Label, which is set to display the Global String.

It works fine, but problems appear when I translate the game - the string just keeps displaying the original language (0), even though the game is set to a different one (1).

Now, the String gets picked up when I Gather the text, as well as the text from Action: Variable Set. It's also translated and everything looks good in the Speech Manager, just... not in game.

Hope that makes sense. Any ideas what could have gone wrong?


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    So, the variable is changed to the original value you set in the Action - not the translation?

    Though the above should work, an alternative method would be to rely on a PopUp variable instead, to avoid placing such text in Actions.

    What's your AC version, and is the Label element's Label type set to Global Variable - or Normal and a variable token?

    Does this occur if you use AC for the Menu's Source?

  • Ohh, I figured it out.

    The variable itself was not set to be translatable - duh!

    I think I turned the translation off on the variable, because the Speech Manager already showed translation from Action: Variable Set, so I assumed it would have been working fine and then forgot about doing so.

    The Label type is set to Global Variable, and everything is working as expected, thank you for the help and sorry to have to bother you with this D:

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