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Black border around the menu elements.

Hello. I was customizing my dialogues and stuff and I was wondering if there is a way to put a black outline around menus? I think that look cleaner, but I don't know If I'm asking too much?. I've tried to do an image and paste as a background image, but the only thing I get is a not uniform line.


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    The image isn't showing for me - is it private?

    Menus rendered with AC can be assigned a background texture, and this can be a single colour with a border around it. For greater control, though, you'll want to use Unity UI for the rendering. Unity UI offers much more flexibility in terms of menu display, while AC rendering is best used for rapid-prototyping.

    See the Manual's "Unity UI menus" chapter for more details, as well as this tutorial. This is also covered in the 3D tutorial video.

  • So sorry for not finding earlier. I was looking in the manual and didn't find it. Thanks a lot!

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