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Determining which NPC has triggered a PathNode ActionList

Hi Chris,

sorry to be a pest. I feel like I ought to be able to work this one out myself, but I'm... struggling

In my current game, each Scene has its own Path defined, and each PathNode runs the same ActionList

Each Scene can have 0, 1, or many, NPCs spawned in randomly. Each NPC then follows that Scene's Path until interrupted by a player action

The intention is that at each PathNode, the NPCs should evaluate the game state, and act accordingly

So, everything is working fine if there's just a single NPC in the Scene. But, if there are multiple NPCs in the Scene then I need to know WHICH of them has triggered the PathNode ActionList at the point when it is run, and that's the part I'm currently struggling with


  • If the node ActionList has a GameObject parameter defined, you can have that be automatically assigned to the NPC via the Character parameter field in the Path's Inspector.

  • ah, right. cool, thanks chris. that works perfectly

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