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"The Valley of the Stars" the 8th February 2020 for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Hi to all and hi Cris!

I'm happy to presents to you my new game for iOS (iPhone and iPad, iOS 13 or later):

"The Valley of the Stars"
Made with Adventure Creator!

Dubbed in Italian and subtitled in: Italian, English, French, Spanish, Russian and Japanese.

Here you can see:
The long trailer:
The short trailer:
The internet site:
The FaceBook page:

I hope to find 10 beta tester for this GM version.
If you want to try my game write to me.

Paolo :)


  • Hi. It looks great, I would like to play a demo or test it (iPhone 6S, iOS 13.3)

  • Hi ArturM, i hope my game work fine on iPhone 6s but i think it's too much heavy. Please, write my by mail at and give me your Apple mail that you use on AppStore so i can add you as a beta tester. Thanks, Paolo

  • Hi to all, my new game THE VALLEY OF THE STARS, made with Adventure Creator, is now available for iOS (iPad and iPhone), MacOS (for Mac) and Android (version 8.1 or later). Please, visit my website for link:

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