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Unity Third Person Controller integration

Hi All! I've tried to use the script from adventure-creator fandom for Unity Third Person Controller. Generally, it works, except I'm still able to control the characters somewhat during cutscenes.
I'm not sure if the integration script was written by someone from this community, but maybe somebody got it working properly?

Links for the integration script
And Unity's asset


  • I wrote the script. Do you have a NavMeshAgent component attached? Let's see screenshots of the full Inspector, as well as your Settings Manager, as well.

    Can you also share a similar gif but show the Player component and integration script's component instead? Before you do that, though, change the lines:

    private enum ControlState { UnderDirectControl, UnityPathfinding, ACTurning };
    private ControlState controlState = ControlState.ACTurning;


    public enum ControlState { UnderDirectControl, UnityPathfinding, ACTurning };
    public ControlState controlState = ControlState.ACTurning;

    That way, we can see what's going on inside as it runs.

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    Hi Chris!
    Here's two screenshots of the Settings Manager and Players Inspector windows

    The movement settings is set to Direct, Mouse and Keyboard.
    Here's the video

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    This is likely a conflict with the NavMeshAgent Integration component. This should not be necessary - the Third Person Controller wiki script should update the NavMeshAgent itself.

    Try removing it - and if there's still an issue, let's see a new video of the same thing.

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