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2d direct control don't stop immediately

Hi all,
setting a 2d scene with direct control player, I noticed that when I release the arrow button, the player still move for a little. It does a small deceleration. In player script I set walk to 8 and acceleration and deceleration to 100 but it decrease slow. I would like to stop it immediately. There's some script to modify? Which one and where?


  • A deceleration value that high should make it pretty instantaneous. It may be more to do with your Inputs. Try playing with the Snap, Sensitivity and Dead values. See Unity's docs for more on these.

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    Your suggestions was right, modifying the Sensitivity to 0.1 do the trick!
    Thanks as always @ChrisIceBox

    Related to DIAGONAL moves, I have a similar issue, when player goes right, when I press the up button there's a slow change of direction to north-east. I would like to change direction immediately to north-east.
    I tryed modify Input but nothing change, maybe is related to a AC setting?

    Thanks again!

  • Have you checked Turn instantly when under player control? in the Settings Manager?

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    Yes, it's already this way, with no limit in movement limitation and vertical movement factor to 1 (max).

  • And what about their "Turn speed"? Try making it either very large, or negative (-1).

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    Nope! Tried -1, -1000, +1, +1000... nothing change.
    The strange thing is: if I start walking in diagonal (every direction), it goes immediately in diagonal and when I release a button, the player goes immediately in that way.
    If I walk horizontal or vertical, then press up down left or right, it change dir slowly... if you need a video let me know, I'll send it via mail.

  • UPDATE: solved!
    The issue was still related to Input. I've done some test with 2d demo that was working perfect in direct mode, so I pay more attention to external param.
    The Gravity and the Sensitivity must be the same to obtain an rpg player movement. Putting 10 to both param all works well and player react as expected.

    Thanks for your suggestions and patience @ChrisIceBox !

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