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View Past Dialog


Is it possible to view the dialog log. What I mean is view past subtitles in a menu after the cutscene has ended.


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    An array of all past-spoken text can be retrieved through script:

    AC.KickStarter.runtimeVariables.GetSpeechLog ();

    This returns an array of the SpeechLog class. This can be used to populate e.g. a UI Text component with a list of past-spoken dialogue.

  • Ok how exactly do I use that?

    Do I just make a script and put that in Update()?

    What If i want to retrieve specific dialog like from one character only?

  • You need to write a script that does exactly what you want - this is just a means of accessing the data.

    See the Scripting Guide's entry for the class that I linked to - it includes a "speakerName" variable that you can use to filter by a character name.

    For example, here is a function that will create a string array of all lines spoken by a character with a given name:

    public string[] GetLinesByCharacter (string characterName)
        System.Collections.Generic.List<string> linesBySomeCharacter = new System.Collections.Generic.List<string>();
        foreach (SpeechLog log in AC.KickStarter.runtimeVariables.GetSpeechLog ())
            if (log.speakerName == characterName)
                linesBySomeCharacter.Add (log.fullText);
        return linesBySomeCharacter.ToArray ();

    You can then get such an array by calling e.g.:

    string[] lines = GetLinesByCharacter ("Bob");

    This array can then be used however you want. If you want to just have it update an attached Text component as one long block of text, for example:

    string fullText = "";
    foreach (string line in lines)
        fullText += line;
        fullText += "\r\n";
    GetComponent <UnityEngine.UI.Text>().text = fullText;
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