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Veronica Mertens y la Luna Cefiro - Point&Click Adventure

Hello friends, my name is Leandro and I want to present my project to you which will
soon reveal the demo.

A graphic adventure Inspired by the great adventures of LucasArts such as The Secret of Monkey Island, Indiana Jones The Fate of Atlantis, Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle and Full Throttle, Veronica Mertens and The Moon Cefiro mixes the Point and Click and a dark plot with beautiful 2D animated HD art, pre-rendered 3D backgrounds, an elegant interface, and a Sci Fi police.
A colony founded not long ago, with many secrets. Walk with Veronica the great city of Cefiro, and discover what hide its beautiful streets, its large buildings, its corrupt politicians, the inhabitants of its darkest alleys and its old ruins full of secrets. More than 60 characters, each has a detailed background story with unexpected links to each other. Go through Cefiro for its more than 100 scenarios to get the information you need, and thus bring to light the most mysterious secrets. The idea is to make 3 interconnected and mutable chapters according to the player's choices. We do not seek to make only a fun and well narrated game, our goal is to immerse the user into a galaxy still unknown.


  • Point and click classic adventure.
  • 8-10 hours of play
  • 2 playable characters
  • Possibility of selecting the personality of the protagonist
  • 60 + interactible characters
  • 99 + locations
  • System of decisions that take you to 3 possible endings.
  • 5000 + lines of dialogues
  • Wide variety of puzzles
  • Original art, Mixing beautiful 3d scenes and 2d characters.
  • Custom sound design
  • Original Soundtrack
  • And obviously the possibility of touring and getting to know the entire city of Cefiro.

The bright young ground detective, Veronica, is sent to the Moon Zephyr as support in an important disappearance case. This moon, the most recent colony founded by the United Space Systems Federation (The Eight Astral or 8A), has been experiencing numerous strange cases of crimes of various kinds and our heroine is sent incognito to discover something that local authorities they don't seem to find, discovering the richness and misery of the "Space Nation." A difficult clash of cultures and racism, a strange and aggressive religious cult that gains a lot of popularity, intrigues among citizens for military experiments and the actions of a secret organization that moves from the shadows and that everyone knows, but few speak.

This Project was originally born by the hand of Leandro Perez and Victor Reinosa, and an international and small studio-team that works slowly but constantly on shaping this slightly ambitious project. A remembrance of old-school dream teams, a diverse group, not only by their nationalities, but ages and styles, united by their interest in videogames and graphic adventures. Right now the project is still developing and we continue fleshing out the details, however, the sketches and world that we made are getting out of our hands and they need some broadcasting. We are still open to people who are interested in contributing or potential investors. We keep working relentlessly in order to take you to Céfiro as soon as possible.



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