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Change Player Prefab ingame

Hello, how can I change the player prefab ingame? I want that the player can switch its look but picking up an item. When he pickup item A, the player model switch to "Police Officer". When he pickup item B, the player model switch to "Fireman". Is that possible?! Please make it possible. Thank you!!!!!


  • Player-switching is possible via the Player: Switch Action, provided you've enabled this feature in the Settings Manager under "Character settings". Once enabled, you can define all the possible Player prefabs you want.

    However, if you're just looking to make cosmetic changes, it may be possible to just use animation on a single Player prefab instead: if both "police officer" and "fireman" meshes can be used on the same model file, you can use an Animator's sub-layer to control which one is visible - and then use the Character: Animate Action to control it. This may ultimately be the easier option, as you'd then only have to manage a single character's properties.

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