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Lost Horizon 2 used AC?

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Look at that video:

It's not well syncro and not good quality, but it's the only I found...

Go to minute 7:40, when the player leaves the broom, she "fly" for some meters. That happens also to me sometimes when my player is making something and mecanim don't start the walking animation. LOL!

I know they made the game with Unity 5 and I suspect they used Adventure Creator! There are also some previous video where you have to move things with mouse (drag) and a scene where you have to press on the arrow in the right moment (qte)... 

Who bet they used AC? ^_^


  • ... aaaand... they used an asset from the Asset Store(Top-Down Dungeons)... 
    I always think those assets were used only by indie like us, not also big sw house like Deep Silver...

    Go to minute 9:20... 

  • Sure looks like it's using AC!
  • I wonder if pressing the "i" key lets you skip cutscenes..
  • LOL! Hope they remove that input key!  ;))

    Nobody bought it? 
    I'm waiting for my country translation... the game looks good! And I liked much the first Lost Horizon.
  • At the very beginning of the second video ... that's what I call a real man's inventory: "I'll take both the planks with me."   :))
  • Ahaha! Yep! Very big pockets! A must have for every adventurer!  :D
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    Hmmm, I think I will have to get this and play it.

    To be quite frank, watching these videos I think it looks quite tedious and boring, so it would be more of an exercise in game design - finding out how NOT to do an adventure game!

    I took away a lot of great lessons from playing Chris' game "Da New Guys" (hope I got the title right this time) which was really entertaining and generally well paced, so I probably need to spend more time playing new adventure games instead of remembering how great all the classic ones were.

    EDIT: Oops, forgot the mandatory animated smiley: 8-X
  • I watched until part 7 of the playthrough so far. Before watching the playthrough I thought ok let's quickly buy it and check it out but wow, 40 bucks? Interesting price tag. So videos it is. 

    One complain I read in some reviews was that the graphics are crap. Do you see that the same? I actually think they did a decent job here, the 1942 flat looks nice and the blends between action start and cutscene are an interesting idea. The desert looks out of place and the top-down sequences are strange though and don't fit the style.

    What I am really struggling with are the mechanics. 
    • You only have left and right click, so inspect and interact. While that seems simple at first and makes it very accessible it really softens down the whole game after watching it for a while. What's your take on that? Are these 2 actions a good way to go or is it better to have more?
    • Combining inventory has an extra screen. Cool idea I thought at first. Unfortunately you will be presented with exactly the objects that can be combined and you just find the order. Not useful I think.
    • Turning knobs. WTF??? One has to move the mouse to rotate a door knob or a key? I thought that was totally ridiculous.
    • QTE. They have a chance sequence that uses Quick time events. I actually like that mechanic but it seemed a bit weird in the video as there seemed to be some serious lag between keypress and action on screen.
    Some other things I noticed:
    • Sound is good and voices are great. Showing the Unity resolution dialog at start is a nogo for me, looks super unprofessional. How do others handle resolution changes here?
    • They have a tutorial screen, which is cool, and there is a walkthrough tab on it. Accidentally clicking on it will show you everything you have to do instantly. WTF?
    What are your biggest take-aways?
  • Hey 8 finger more than me! ^_^

    Yep, the price is very high for a game like this! In fact, I don't think I'll buy it... a friend of mine bought it and when he finish it will give it to me. :)

    I like the graphics, exept the one like you sayd top-down, are out of place. 
    The turning knobs and the qte are useless, and also the combined inventory is for noob!
    The interaction with 1 single click seems good but at least I think the real adventurers will find too easy.

    I saw the resolution dialog at start up, I think there's a way to remove but i have to search how.
    Also the walkthrought tab is a nonsense... if someone is stuck, after 2 minutes he can look at them... that's no fun! 
    I remember when I used to play in the '90 adventure games, I pass 2-3 days stuck in the same point, calling my friends when someone pass that part (also at 3am, lol)! That was funny!

    When I try the game I'll post my impressions... but I think LH1 was better!
  • LH2 is no where near as good as LH1 sadly.

    I think it might've been developed by a different team.
  • Ok, as expected, LH1 was veeeeery better than LH2... 
    I finished the game in about 6 hours.
    There are a lot of programming bugs and poor animations, but the graphics is awesome! Also the music and the dub are great. It's the gameplay that sucks... 
    Puzzles are funny and well balanced, while dialagues are very poor (no dialogues ramifications or right choices to do... click on every answer and go ahead!).
    And the player, Fenton Paddock, is not the one hilarious like in LH1! The story is quite good but there's no funny action moment...
    Animation Arts should have call this adventure with another name, changing the main char name in, don't know, Serious John... but please don't call that game Lost Horizon 2! 
    Now I have to play LH1 to recover my soul... :P
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