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Talking Animation Question

I'm currently using Mechanim for animations.

I have a standard talking animation for every time my character talks.

However, is it possible to have the character talk with a different animation? i.e. let's say my character bends down to pick something up and I want him to talk as he's bent down - right now if he talks, the animation switches straight to the standard talking animation and plays that.

How would ago about achieving this?


  • 2d or 3d?
  • Can't help much with 3d animations. But I read somewhere that you can blend them somehow, specifically your head and arms 3d animations.
  • Don't know if is waht you need, but maybe Final IK asset could be what you are looking for...
  • Thanks, but is there no way to simply change the Talking animation in AC?
  • Use the Character: Animate Action and set the Method to Set Standard.
  • Thanks Chris but I've done that and changed the new parameter name to 'Crouch' (this is what the animation is called that plays) but the character still stands up to talk rather than staying in the crouched position.
  • Is this a problem with AC not amending the Crouch parameter, or with your Mecanim FSM not making use of the Crouch parameter in the right way?

    I don't know how your FSM is set up, but - depending on how you're using this "Crouch" parameter - you may want to instead use the Change parameter value method instead.  For example, if Crouch is a checkbox, so that the player crouches when ticked, you could instead use the Action to change it's value to True.
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