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Final IK interactions in Adventure Creator

Hi @ChrisIceBox I just purchased Final IK, do you think it is possible to make it integrate with Adventure Creator?


  • That would be awesome :)
  • Yes, I had and I tried it out now but I cant make it work. If I use Final IK with my character already in the scene (not as a prefab but as a normal gameobject) Final IK works but if I use it with Adventure Creator and spawn my character as a prefab with all components I get an error message from Final IK:
    NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    RootMotion.Demos.InteractionSystemTestGUI.OnGUI () (at Assets/Plugins/RootMotion/FinalIK/_DEMOS/FBBIK/Scripts/InteractionSystemTestGUI.cs:27)

  • The sphere that I use to try if it works at all with AC is also a prefab so I really dont understand why I get a nullreference. I dont understand it.
  • To be more clear: this is before I even started an interaction, this is just when I start the game, my game drops to 5 frames aswell (instead of over 100 frames).
  • Ok, I understand what happens now: During runtime the character gets an constant ID (which is not there in the prefab) then the interaction system is spawned two times without the object in it. Why does this happen?
  • Ok, now the character has a constant ID in the prefab but it is still happening. It seems like IK Rootmotion doesnt understand there is a prefab and spawns it again without finding the object... some help please?
  • Ok, I think this is a Unity bug, even if I drop the whole IK out of the scene the objects are still spawned on the character.. wow...
  • Ok, the spawning problem etc is all solved: I appeared to have two characters that where equal and mixed them - completely my bad! But what remains is the prefab problem: I dont have error messages again but I have to place the prefab in the scene during runtime to make it work, otherwise my character cant find the object, and I did everything I know of: applying the prefab, aswell as the character prefab and drag it in the project folder, it wont work.
  • Update: it works! For all people that want to make it work: Use the script from Snjeborn: place it in the Action folder. Then in Unity: put the scripts Fully biped and interaction System on the character (not GUI system), then you are good to go. Go to Custom : Final IK : Run interaction and put the object in the action. And in the object the right affector (I think). Ok, happy it works!! :)
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