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Mobile Hotspots are broken

Hi Chris,

we have many Hotspots in out mobile Game Project, some hotspots are quite good and some are really worse, you need to click them several times until they work. The Project settings are:

Movement Method Point and Click
Input Method: Touch Screen
Interaction Mode Context Sensitiv

We have the same settings on every hotspot. Normally you press a hotspot and you can see the little gear and press again to trigger the ActionList. But some of the Hotspots don't work properly, you need to press it several times until something happens. I Can't find any pattern what is the difference between the working ones and the broken ones.

I have no clue what is wrong... Basically my hotspots are own game objects and have a hotspot remember script, a collision 2d with trigger and a hotspot script.

Do you know something about this behaviour, sadly I can't give you any further explanation on this topic...




  • Just want to help you. Try to compare your good working Hotspots with the ones that don't work.
    Perhaps you might find your culprit there.
  • Thanks for your advice... sadly i did it and even deleted those hotspots which did not work and created them again. They still missfuntion... still clueless...
  • In addition i recognized that sometimes some hotspots are smaller than they should be, but not every time sometimes they fit excatly the right size (mostly a scene reload change fixes or causes this problem)
  • It could be that another Collider of some kind is interfering with the detection - are there any other colliders in the scene also placed on the Default layer?  If you need to, you can move Hotspots onto a separate layer by creating the layer and naming it at the bottom of the Settings Manager.
  • I found some rule behind it...

    If a hotspot (NPC for example) is placed below the 2dNavMesh which is used for navigation and 50% of the body reaches into the 2dNavMesh this part of the Hotspot does not work, you need to click below the 2dNavMesh on the feet and the hotspot works.

    The 2dNavMesh is on the IgnoreRaycast Layer and the NPC on the Default Layer.

    It Seems only a problem if large parts of the hotspot are divided by a 2dNavMesh line (something around 50:50)

  • It seems that all characters which are with major parts inside the 2dNavMesh have big problems with Hotspot Area... When i Move the Character on top of the 2NavMesh it works fine.

  • edited June 2016
    There is also some kind of random factor... seldomly the characters inside the navmash work fine too but not very often and without any recognizable pattern. This is some kind of major bug for us right now, we would be very happy if you could help us with this one.

    There is no other hotspot besides the one you create with the character wizzard and the 2dNavMesh. As said before the NPC is completely on the Default Layer. The Navmesh on the Ignore Raycast (switches while playing automatically to NavMesh Layer)
  • When i Build exactly the same for WebGL all Hotspots work flawless.
  • This may be a Unity issue - what version are you using?

    I'll still need to know if there are any other colliders (not just Hotspots) on the Default layer.  If you disable the NavMesh GameObject during gameplay in the Editor Inspector, does the Hotspot then work?
  • As soon as I disable the NavMesh all Hotspots are starting to work, with this information is it still necessary to search for other colliders on the Default layer?

    Every NPC has a collider for its place were he stands. And for the Items in the Game we have Logic -> Hotspots Objects with Trigger Colliders.

    I thing this is it
  • Again, what version of Unity are you using?
  • Oh sorry did not see the question

    5.3.5f1 Personal

    And AC 1.51g
  • I will look to see if I can recreate this issue.  At least it seems to be an Editor-only error.
  • It seems if you set the NavMesh z Position to a Positiv Value in my case 10 the NavMash and the hotspots work fine.
  • Odd - if the objects are on different layers, that shouldn't make a difference.  However, I'm glad to hear you've found a workaround.
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