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  • @deroesi Thank you very much for the answer! But am I indeed correct that the camera is orthographic? Is the zooming-in also orthographic? So no combination of orthographic and perspective? You talk about a custom script that lerps but this can already be achieved in AC if its only ortho or only perspective.
  • the camera is a perspective (with a very narrow, "orthographic style" field of view when zoomed in). with a stricktly orthographic camera It would not have any 3d feel.
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    @Deroesi Thank you very much again, I was actually searching for over a year for that answer. This explains it.. What a trick!
  • Great work guys. Very impressive!
  • What happened with this project? Looked very nice!
  • Incredible atmosphere.
  • @Kalero
    to be honest, the level of detail I targeted is simply too high for a lone person or even a small team... we are currently working on new Sets, but I doubt we'll ever complete more than the first "chapter" (for a lack of a better term) without funding. Nevertheless the plan is to get something playable done ;)

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    @deroesi Then tailor your story to reuse the levels you already have. Have the character return as much as possible, under different circumstances, with new stuff to do and/or people to meet. Use any trick in the book to make the levels feel different (background music. Particles like rain,snow. Image effects, like color correction to make it feel like night, daybreak, etc). Don't just throw away your project just because you can't make new backdrops. Some people make deep and interesting stories using a single location or scene. I'm sure, with what you already have, you can do even better.
  • @Alverik
    we are certainly aiming to release something, but i'm not sure if i'm yet at the point to throw everything out / reduce it to something new, but stopping and salvaging it certainly came to mind from time to time ;) ....

    thanks for your motivating words though! we'll keep working on it!
  • Holy smacks, I wish I was this patient lol. I'll just stick to my pixel work XD Amazing comp!

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