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Little Kite

edited August 2017 in Games showcase

Little Kite is a point & click adventure with dramatic story line about Mary and her son Andrew.

Mary married a second time, is time with Oliver, after losing her husband, Andrew`s father. They help each other and try to cope with life's issues unlike Oliver. Oliver lost his job and took a lot of debt, which he could not repay.It was very stressful for him and he starting drinking and physically abusing his wife. Then one evening becomes critical for the family. After a while Oliver became a real menace and began threating Mary's and Andrew's lives. 

Andrew and Mary are ready to do what they have to do to survive the evening.

Game`s features:
  • one button gameplay of point & click
  • a lot of puzzles and secrets
  • many conversations and interesting characters
  • dramatic and tense story



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