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Very long first loadin

Hi there,

We're currently using Adventure Creator to port an existing AGS game to Unity and deploy it on PS4, Switch and mobile.

We had a very smooth experience overall but we're experiencing a very long load when we reach the first scene in the game where there is some Adventure Creator stuff present. What we understand is that the main thread freeze while the engine performs a huge amount of files operations.

The weird thing is that this problem is not present in editor, only in builds for PC / console.

Currently this operation takes:
- around 20 seconds on PC
- around 1 minute and 16 seconds on PS4 / Switch.

It's the only point in the game were we have this problem: after that loading times are minimal between scenes.

What is it caused from? Is there any way to prevent it or optimise it?

Many thanks,


  • Welcome to the community, @Skyrise.

    The "Performance and optimisation" chapter of the Manual covers tips on optimising AC projects, and #3 in particular deals with improving load times.

    However, while it looks to be AC-related, the calls listed in the Profiler don't appear to be AC functions or processes.  It may be that this is the result of the audio or graphical assets used by the AC section of the game - as opposed to AC's "engine" itself.

    One way to determine that is to, in a duplicate/backup project, remove such assets to see if that makes a difference.  Obviously the game won't run as intended - but that way should at least let you know if asset files are contributing.


    1) What are your exact versions of Unity and AC?
    2) What GameObjects are listed when the No details button (on the right) is changed to Show Related Objects?
    3) What are your full Scene loading settings in the Settings Manager?
    4) Does this occur if you begin the game from this scene?
    5) How are you switching to the AC scene, exactly?
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