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GUI or gameobject in front of ingame menu

edited September 2014 in Engine development
I am trying to get a custom gui element (health gauge) from playmaker to sit on top of an ingame menu. 

When I create this element, it is by default sent behind the ingame menu, regardless of the gui depth. 

Is there a way to change the "depth" of the entire menu system so that this custom gui sits on top of that?

Alternatively, would creating a 3d menu object be a better approach? 



  • Line 226 of StateHandler.cs is the call to display AC's Menu System:

    playerMenus.DrawMenus ();

    The depth isn't called specifically, so try forcing it by inserting the following line just before:

    GUI.depth = -2;

    (for example)  See what works - if there should be a "standard" depth, I'll incorporate it into AC official.
  • That did the trick, thanks. I used a depth of 1, and set the PM GUI to -2, and this seemed to work, strangely enough.

    I also had another thought about a way to use the AC menu sliders as gauges. If there is a way to link a slider to a global variable and also disable the slider's ability to change the variable, then theoretically it can be used as a simple gauge which displays the relative level of a variable, right?

    Just a thought anyway.

  • Being able to set AC GUI depth officially would be cool. I had the reverse issue earlier where the GUI from another plugin rendered behind an AC menu no matter what depth I gave it. This fixed it.
  • @hedgefied: Yes, I agree.

    @skitt2501: Excellent suggestion - it's already possible to link a Slider to a float Global Variable, but right now it'll always be "clickable".
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