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Arkhangel: The House of the Seven Stars

Hey all - 

I finally announced the game I'm working on using AC!

Check it out:

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    Teaser Trailer:

    Arkhangel: The House of the Seven Stars Announce Trailer from Zachary Quarles on Vimeo.

    About the Game:

    Arkhangel: The House of the Seven Stars is a point & click adventure horror game told through the eyes of a family that has recently moved to an isolated town in the frozen lands to the north. Explore, research, uncover mysteries, solve puzzles, and interact with a large cast of characters in this rich and layered story.

    Michael, Lily, and Gabrielle have recently moved to the frigid town of Haven under tragic circumstances. As they begin to rebuild their lives in this new home and meet the townsfolk of Haven, they quickly discover that not everything is what it appears to be. Michael struggles with dreams of dark waters and an unknown ancient evil resting beneath the cold waves. Are these simply dreams or are they a premonition of things to come?

    Key Features:

    • 3D Point & Click-style adventure game
    • Play as two different characters throughout the game
    • Deep narrative with abundant lore to discover and absorb
    • Large cast of characters to speak and interact with
    • Cinematic musical score by Chad Seiter (
    • Direct tie-in to the tabletop game, Arkhangel: The Great Nameless – also by Winter Night Games (

    Release Date:

    TBD – Currently in production

  • Screenshots:

    Below are some in-process screenshots taken from development builds

    Arkhangel_ScreenShot_15 Arkhangel_ScreenShot_14 Arkhangel_ScreenShot_16 Arkhangel_ScreenShot_13 Arkhangel_ScreenShot_12 Arkhangel_ScreenShot_11 

  • Arkhangel_ScreenShot_10 Arkhangel_ScreenShot_9 Arkhangel_ScreenShot_8 Arkhangel_ScreenShot_7 Arkhangel_ScreenShot_6 Arkhangel_ScreenShot_5 Arkhangel_ScreenShot_4 Arkhangel_ScreenShot_3 Arkhangel_ScreenShot_2 Arkhangel_ScreenShot_1
  • Arkhangel: The House of the Seven Stars will be released in December of 2017.  Here's the official key art: 
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    Whoah - the thread for my game is a graveyard of broken links!  I guess that's what happens when you have to change internet hosts...oh well.

    Anyway, I put together a short gameplay teaser for Arkhangel if you all want to check it out:

    If you want to check out the official page:



    Hope y'all are having a great weekend!
  • Very nice! I realy like the atmosphere and art style :)
  • Thanks, @salex!!  It's getting there!  We're getting close but SO much more to do.
  • Hey all!

    Arkhangel: The House of the Seven Stars is NOW AVAILABLE on steam:

    I recommend picking up the bundle.  We're really proud of the soundtrack.  :)

    Here's the launch trailer:

    Hope you dig it!
  • image

    Hey all!

    We are very excited to announce that the long-overdue update for Arkhangel is now available with a limited time special promotion sale at 33% off list price!

    So, what all is included with this update?  Let's get to it, shall we?


    + Added full game controller support.  This was a full replacement of the Unity Input System!  Yowza!
    + Significant overhaul to Player navigation settings and speed.
    + Added a "Run" option to allow the player to explore at a faster rate.
    + Restructured menus to allow for easier controller navigation.
    + Inventory has been significantly overhauled.  It is now opened/closed by an input key rather than a mouse over. Interaction methodology and presentation has also changed.  This has had cascading effects on multiple other systems that required adjustments.
    + Visual Quality settings, Screen Resolution settings, and Controller Customization are now all handled with in-game menu interactions.
    + Updated multiple camera transitions in the game to be fades rather than movement based.
    + Updated camera positions and control perspective in the Library and Saloon.
    + A ton of small tweaks and adjustments!

    + Use previous saved games at your own risk!  With the sheer amount of changes to the underlying systems of Arkhangel, we cannot 100% guarantee that loading into old save games before this update will be completely reliable.  By all means, give it a shot, but know that there very well could be significant issues with player animation, controls, and menus.
    + We recommend using D-PAD when navigating through menus with a game controller.


    This update took significantly longer than we expected.  Being the only Unity developer on our team, I (Zack) vastly underestimated the number of hurdles and cascading effects that such an update was going to introduce.  That being said, we've had a lot of great feedback on this update.  Friend of Winter Night Games and game industry veteran, James Goddard gave us some incredibly valuable advice regarding player speed, animation settings, and controller feel.  When the guy that worked on Street Fighter II gives pointers, you LISTEN!

    Thanks James!  :-D

    As always, continue to give us feedback.  Your thoughts and insights have been incredibly valuable and are the main reason why we pushed so hard on this update.  We knew that the controls needed some love and your guidance made us really want to focus on it with a microscope!  Y'all help us grow!

    Okay, with that being said, the update is now live!  If you've already played the game, we'd love for you to check out the new control scheme and some of the other bells and whistles.  If you've been waiting for this update to take the plunge, the limited time sale at 33% off is a great way to dive in!  :-) store link:

    As always, many thanks to @ChrisIceBox for all of the ongoing support!
  • Just wanted to let you all know that we put Arkhangel up for sale for 50% off on Steam and

    Ho, ho, ho!


  • Can you let us know how many pieces of game you sell already on steam ? I am close to finis mine and i am just curious how its going for smal Indie develops on steam lately

  • We released in July and have sold around 500. Not setting the world on fire by any stretch but that's okay. We're pretty close to breaking even and it was more about the learning experience of how to do all of this with a shoestring budget and tell the story I wanted to tell. Lots of stuff I would have done different if I was starting this all over again, but proud that it's out there.

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