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Adventure Creator Invector Integration


Is there any videos, documents, or scripts that outline the steps and scripts necessary for using the Invector Third Person Melee Controller with AC.

I would like to find out how to use AC for movement, equiping, using etc... in Invector.



  • Hi, and thanks for that. I did go through the video before and followed it and was able to have the two systems working together. The video is OK for initial setup but I was looking for a more in depth set of instructions if they are available.

    Thanks again

  • Welcome to the community, @TattooRose.

    As the integration mentioned above was provided by Invector themselves, I would recommend contacting them directly for advice with taking this further.

    However, when it comes to going beyond an initial setup, the steps you take really depend on exactly what your needs are - and this will vary from project to project as the needs of every game are different.

    What state is your integration now in, and what are you looking to achieve next?

  • Hi Chris,

    The initial integration outlined in the Invector video is working. I have added the necessary components like vInvectorACLink outlined in the threads to my player. I also used AC's character wizard on top of that to include any necessary AC components.

    Also I have created an NPC character using AC's wizard.

    My initial goal is to use AC's Inventory to gather items like potions, swords, shields, etc.. then notify the Invector components to use or equip those items.

    So if I gather a health potion from an AC action then when my player needs to restore his health I need to see what methods from AC and also from Invector that I would need to invoke to achieve that flow.

    The same would be true for equipment. Arm my player with a sword gatherd from AC and have it be equipped so Invector knows and can apply any damage on an attack.

    At this point in my project I am just trying to work out these operations so I have a foundation to build upon.


  • So this is mainly to do with AC's Inventory?

    This'll need a fair bit of custom scripting, but it's quite simple to access what the AC Player is carrying. See the Manual's "Inventory scripting" chapter, which shows the most common API functions and variables. More on the RuntimeInventory class can be found in the Scripting Guide.

    The best way to hook into such systems, however, is to rely on custom events. Custom events provide scripting hooks that trigger when AC performs common tasks. The OnInventorySelect event, for example, is called whenever an item is selected - so you can use this to tell Invector to also select the same item.

    The "Inventory scripting" chapter also lists custom events related to Inventory.

  • Chris thanks for the information. I will look into the areas you outlined and see what needs to be done to implement my needs.


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