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Detect Hotspots changed how they work in 2019.3 ?

I updated my project to 2019.3 (mostly for hdrp reasons) and the detect hotspots now only seem to function when the hotspot has the collider not set to trigger.
The third person character has a rigidbody, and I also tried adding a rigidbody to the detecthotspot component but still doesn't work.
Any ideas what might be happening, ?


  • edited November 2019

    I do not recommend upgrading to a WIP version of Unity. 2019.3 is still in development, and prone to issues.

    I will attempt a recreation, however. Please share screens showing the way your Player's root / Hotspot detector is set up.

  • Yep, looks like a bug with Unity 2019.3. Likely the same as the issue reported here.

  • Seems like they've fixed it in 2020.1a12, so a fix for 2019.3 should be coming soon.
    Many thanks.

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