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Play interaction only if hotspot is reachable

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Every post to this forum I want to start with gratitude to Chris and community! Thanks a lot for Adventure Creator!

I've got a little predicament. My character is stuck (and so am I) at some kind of a device. My movement method is 'Point And Click', interaction method is 'Choose Interaction Then Hotspot'. I'm constraining movement of the character with specific action:

My hotspot has 'Walk to marker' player action:

When I'm clicking on the hotspot with my character's movement constrained, hotspot's interaction is performing immediately and also the character is turning to the hotspot.

I want the character:
1) to be immobilized completely (yet face this hotspot at normal mode, so I can't uncheck 'Face after moving' flag)
2) to not play interaction of unreachable hotspot, just do nothing in case when he can't walk to marker

I can't disable the hotspot, 'cause I have different cursor interactions, and some of them (ruling the drone, for example) should work as usual even when the character is immobilized. Also I cannot disable the 'hand' cursor completely so the character can interact with the device holding him.

I can disable 'hand' cursor for this hotspot like this:

But I've got plenty of hotspots and interactions and inventory items, so I'm afraid that would be rather difficult to disable all of them. Maybe I should write a Custom Action for automatic massive disabling? But maybe there is some kind of a trick in the engine already? =)

Could you please help me?

Thank you!


  • You mention inventory items only at the very end - are you talking about interacting with items themselves - or using them with Hotspots?

    Probably is best to have a script that disables "Hand" interactions en-masse. If you give all Hotspots you want to affect a special tag, you can then use that tag in the script. You can also set the state of such interactions based on the Player's movement lock:

    void UpdateInteractions ()
        bool disable = !AC.KickStarter.playerInput.CanDirectControlPlayer ();
        foreach (AC.Hotspot hotspot in AC.KickStarter.stateHandler.Hotspots)
            if (hotspot.gameObject.tag == "CannotReach")
                hotspot.GetUseButton (0).isDisabled = disable;

    Place that inside a new C# script, attach it to a GameObject, and make it a prefab. You can then use the Object: Call event Action to call that prefab's "UpdateInteractions" function after the Player: Constrain Action. This will disable/enable all Hotspots tagged with "CannotReach" automatically.

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    Thanks a lot! It works great! I need to disable inventory interactions too, so I've added the following code [and it works too for my surprise =)]:
    foreach (var invButton in hotspot.invButtons) invButton.isDisabled = disable;

    [upd: for some reason I can't make a beautiful format of my code snippet]

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