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Utopia Syndrome Updates

Hey guys, recently we visited Games Gathering event in our city where we shared our new trailer and some of the work in progress videos. We took the best art of the game nomination, so I am super excited to share with you some of our work in progress videos here at Adventure Creator forum. Cheers!


  • Looking good! Keep it up,good job

  • Incredibly detailed environments.

  • Outstanding! Very nice environment.

  • Thank you guys:)

  • this looks amazing!

  • Guys, I am super excited to announce that Utopia Syndrome Demo is available at Steam now 🥳🥳🥳!!! Go go go and play it!
    Also, I really need your support ❤️. Please, tell about this game your friends and colleagues, do reposts and add this game to Steam wishlist, leave the comments and feedbacks - all this will be the best support!
    Thanks to everyone 🥳❤️☺️!!!

  • NIce demo. I had a bug while playing where the game sometimes froze when I clicked a mouse button during dialogue. Thought you'd like to know.

  • JackAnimated - Thank you for comment!

  • I found some free time and played the demo for ~20 minutes today, didnt make it out of the first room yet, but I will get back to it, great atmosphere! And ofc great art, but thats no surprise :)

  • Gorgeous! Just downloaded the demo on steam!

  • Im new to this site. Your game looks interesting. Ill definitely download the demo on steam. Good luck!

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