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Mixer Snapshot Issue

Dear Chris and AC followers...
I've an issue with the Mixer Snapshot.
Using Unity 2019.3.6f1
AC 1.71.4

So, under my Audio Settings, I've "Volume Controlled By" = Audio Mixer Groups
The I've set properly my Music, SFX, Speech, each with the correct "exposed parameter".

In fact, everything works great if I use the slides in the options menu.

The issue I'm having is when I use the ActionList "Set Mixer Snapshot". I've a set of Snapshots, that control not only the master volume, but also the Music, SFX, Speech. For example I've a snapshot called "NoMusic" (that has everything on 0db, but Music is -80db), and one called "MusicOnly" (that is viceversa).
Now, the problem is, when I run the actionlist "Set Mixer Snapshot", it works good when affecting the Master volume, but when handling single parameters (like for instance the "NoMusic" snapshot), it doesn't change the values... The values of Music/SFX/Speech are always stuck on the values set in the "options" panel, therefore not affected by the "snapshot".

Is that the normal behavior? Am I missing some setting? How can I solve this?

Thanks a lot.


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    The music, SFX and speech volumes will be controlled at all times by AC. If you want to control them through snapshots, you can create new mixers that sit in between those and the Master, i.e.:

    - -MasterMusic
    - - -Music
    - -MasterSFX
    - - -SFX
    - -MasterSpeech
    - - -Speech

    Muting music would then be a case of manipulating the volume of "MasterMusic", not "Music" directly.

  • Oh, I see... gotcha. Will try. Thanks!

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