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Save Game not being detected?

I have an autosave feature and this works fine.

The game has a main menu, which is the first thing the player sees when starting up the build.

On this menu are NEW GAME, RESUME, OPTIONS, and QUIT.

The RESUME button only appears once a saved game file has been created via the AutoSave feature.

Here's the problem - Throughout the game, once an autosave has been made, and the player returns to the Main Menu scene (which is set to reload scene), there's no RESUME option, BUT the RESUME option appears once the game has been actually closed and restarted.

The main menu has an ActionList on start that checks to show the RESUME element if there's more than 0 save games.

Why is this happening? Why is the RESUME option not showing on the main menu when returning to it, and only showing once the game has been closed and re-opened?


  • In which AC version?

    Your ActionList requires both there to be save files present, and for "DeanDead?" to be False.

    What is the value of "DeanDead?" when returning to the menu, and is it linked to anything, e.g. Options Data?

  • I'm using 1.72.2.

    "DeanDead?" is false. It's just a variable that is checked to see if the player died and is returned to the main menu. If DeanDead? equals 'true' then the RESUME option is hidden as the player will have a to start a NEW GAME.

  • From what you've shared, seems like it should work.

    Open up SaveSystem.cs and find the GetNumSaves function. The last line of it reads:

    return numFound:

    Above it, insert:

    Debug.Log ("Num saves: " + numFound + ", Include autosaves? " + includeAutoSaves);

    That'll print the result of the Save: Check Action to the Console. What does it print at the time it is run?

  • Is this what you were after?

  • Two messages are showing - which is shown when? Do you have another such Action checking elsewhere?

    Seems there's a lot more to your ActionList that you've shown in your screenshot - what comes before it?

    If you toggle Comments on the Action in question, type in something unique (e.g. "Save check for resume") and then allow comment printing to the Console (at the bottom of the Settings Manager). Where does that then appear in the order of Console messages?

  • Hi Chris

    The strangest thing...I've just restarted Unity and the issue seems to have resolved itself? If it starts up again I'll let you know but for some reason it's now working...I'm absolutely baffled...I have another issue now though which I'll post seperately about shortly...I bet you love me, don't you? Lol!

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