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Universe 25


I've set up a steam page for my P&C Universe 25. It's all done by myself using Adventure Creator.
The price will be the same as a pint of lager(in the north)

The year is 2035 a bizarre dystopia has developed through a totalitarian union, you take on the role of John Smith, a civil servant for the state of the union working in the Licensing department. During a lockdown he discovers a cruel experiment being run by the Union's head chef 'Karlov'. Armed with his government issue briefcase and a mouse he befriends along the way, he begins to track down Karlov and uncovers more aspects of the deep state and his own identity. It turns out Karlov isn't the only mastermind behind this malevolence.

Whishlist here:

Just one other thing - How do people go about getting testers? Is it just friends? Forums?



  • That looks cool! If it's a DIY project and you have no budget to hire anyone, I think the only option is to build a following on social media/discord/etc. Back in the day, there were entire communities of hobbyists who would give you a hand (around engines like RPG Maker), but I find Unity development a lot less community-minded (perhaps because it's more professional). You might be able to network and find future collaborators at game jams and such, but that's hard work too and not necessarily quick.

    A small piece of feedback: text scrolling doesn't go very well with centre alignment. The interesting thing about scrolling is that you get to read the words as they appear, kind of emulating speech. When text is centre-aligned, it expands in both directions, making it really difficult to read as it scrolls.

  • Hey, thanks very much for the reply. I've managed to find a couple of people through Reddit and Facebook. I think technically its pretty much there because this engine is solid and I've played through it hundreds of times. My main issue is with the narrative and puzzles.

    I never noticed the scrolling issue, so thanks. I'll change it asap


  • I'm not sure I can change the scrolling :|
    Don't think there's an option for it

  • Great art style and nice atmosphere! I also think you don't need text scrolling but that's just individual taste, overall good job

  • Thank you, appreciate you checking it out. I think i'll get rid of the scolling :)

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