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Black bars iPhone X above. How to get rid of?

I'm having trouble with these strange black bars on the edges of iPhone X devices and higher. They will fade in and out weirdly with the camera and mess up my UI layout. Any suggestions for how to fix this?
Video with demonstration linked below:


  • What are your AC/Unity versions, and are you enforcing an aspect ratio from the Settings Manager's "Camera settings" panel?

    If so, black bars will appear if the device's aspect ratio doesn't match the enforced one. Disabling this option should prevent the bars form showing, if unwanted.

    If you do want to enforce an aspect ratio, what method are you using to render the Menus that appear to be flickering on top of the borders?

  • I checked the camera settings, and it looks like 'Limit to safe area' was checked on. Turning that off fixed the problem. Thank you so much!

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