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Call for testers: v1.73

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AC's upcoming v1.73 update focuses on performance and optimisation, with an aim to improve load times and filesizes in particular. Actions, too, are being changed to allow for more flexibility when writing custom Actions.

As these touch on core systems of AC, though, it's important that it goes through the hands of testers before release. Particularly if your game focuses on custom Actions, I would appreciate feedback.

If interested, please let me know either here or via PM. Thanks for reading.


  • I do love a bit of testing.

  • I'd like to test it if it's not too late.

  • My custom actions seem to be working normally.
    Just to be sure I don't need to use the new format unless the action has more than 1 output or should I upgrade them before the official 1.73 rolls out ?

  • edited January 2021

    Unless issue is found with the new system, it won't be changed - so upgrading now or later won't make a difference.

    The hope is that - except in a few edge cases - Actions won't necesarily need upgrading, but I do recommend so.

  • I would love to test it too. When is the expected release by the way?

  • There are still some outstanding bugs that will need to be addressed, but hopefully it's not too long now.

  • Likewise please add me to the tester list. I'd love to be involved!

  • I'm afraid this thread is a year old, @ScottD7788 - v1.73 has since been superceded by v1.74.

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