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Allow switching player but not instantiate the prefab if an instance of the prefab exist in scene

Hi, I am facing a situation that, in many scenes, different playable characters will be used, so Allowing Player Switching seems to be a good option. However, the playable characters would have different custom settings and components in different scenes. So the most convenient way for me is to have the game objects of playable characters in the scene, and switch to the character to play when needed.

But using the Allowing Player Switching function would instantiate the prefab of character game object even an instance of the prefab is already in the scene. Is there a way to ask AC to just use the prefab instance that is already in the scene?

I have also tried to switch off Allowing Player Switching, and then turn on and off the playable character game objects in the beginning of the scene using script or actionlist. But it doesn't work because AC is "too fast" and decide using the lowest Player object in the hierarchy before I can turn them off.

I am using AC 1.72.47 and Unity 2019.4.6f1

Is there a way I can achieve the desired effect? Thank you very much for your help.


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