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How to access an "unavailable" option in AC Settings Manager?

Hey Chris,

while I know that AC does not support tvOS, I still like to ask you for help on a small detail:

When building for iOS, the Camera settings of the AC settings manager shows a checkbox for Limit display to 'safe area'. I uncheck this option, because I do not want to use it.


When I switch Build settings to tvOS, that option disappears from Camera settings … but it still seems to get checked (=activated) behind the scenes by default, so when play the build it on Apple TV, the game plays in a safe area with a margin instead of full screen, and there is nothing I can do about it afaics.

Is there any way to make that option either accessible when in tvOS build settings or switch it off via script? Or some other way you can think of?

Best, Jens


  • At the top of AC's SettingsManager and ACScreen scripts, replace:




    That will make the option available for the tvOS platform.

  • This did the trick, Chris - thank you!

    May I suggest to add this change to the next release? As a matter of fact, AC seems to support tvOS pretty well so far … ;-)

  • I will do, yes.

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