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"When Finished: Run Other Conversation" Inspector Action not working

Hi all,

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So I noticed that my "When Finished: Run Other Conversation" option is not working. From what I understood, if this is attributed to any dialogue option, then another conversation will pop up.

Might there be something I am missing?

Attaching a screenshot here:



  • You'll get a Console message about no Dialogue Option being assigned, but the switch to another Conversation should work - provided the reference to it is retained at runtime.

    I notice your Conversation has a "Dont Destroy On Load" component attached - which I'm guessing causes it to survive scene-changes.

    Is the "Celestina Caller Conversation" set up similarly? If you check the same Inspector as the screenshot at the time the Player clicks the option, is this still assigned in the "Conversation to run" field?

  • Ah! Yes it is set up the same way.

    Actually, I think your comment on this thread:

    ended up helping me out! :) (Responding here just because it is newer). Turns out that I had to create a placeholder actionlist list, with an Engine: Wait, and place it on both the "consult notes" (first convo) and the "back" option (second convo).

    Looks like things are working on this front now, thanks!

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