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Scene preloading using Addressables

When trying to preload a scene using Addressables I get the message:
"Scene preloading is not currently possible if scenes are loaded via Addressables"

It would be nice if this was doable. Here are two possible scenarios I'm looking at:
1. Preloading all scenes in a Loader scene once the app is started
2. Preloading the next scene when someone clicks an Exit icon (thus being able to start the loading once the player is walking towards the exit)


  • "Scene preloading is not currently possible if scenes are loaded via Addressables"

    This restriction should be lifted in the current release.

    However, it should be used with caution due to the way preloading and Addressables work.

    It's not possible to preload more than one scene at a time - and once you do preload a scene, Unity is then "committed" to that preload which means the next scene must be that. In scenario 2), given that the Player could pause the game and load a save file mid-movement, using the feature there may be more trouble than it's worth.

    If you keep all your scenes in a dedicated Addressable group, however, you can tinker with its Bundle Mode to dictate how assets get loaded together - or load the group itself through custom code at your intended time.

  • I see. That does sound limiting, yes.

    Am I correct in thinking that the loading of the addressable scene into memory, and the preloading of the next scene to show is not the same thing?

    If so (and there is a measurable benefit on low end devices), maybe AC could provide an action or method that could be called to load all scene addressables in one go?

    Maybe something similar could be applied to speech audio, allowing that addressable to be packaged separately from the build and loaded on demand.
  • AC's preloading works by calling LoadSceneAsync, passing the activateOnLoad parameter as false.

    How this differs to loading a group into memory is a question for Unity - it's a complex topic and not one that strictly involves AC. The loading demands of a project will vary between projects, though if it is possible to load e.g. an Addressable group into memory through custom script, then I expect that should improve load times when using AC to switch scenes as normal.

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