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Version 1.42 - improved workflow, new conversations and custom saving



  • @Chris: I think years ago, written tuts were the norm. Oddly, not sure if it's A.D.D. or being far more in tune to visual learning, but vids make concepts far more easily digestible.  You could even use all the original assets, save yourself having to make new stuff. But Yeah, what you described would be hugely appreciated and helpful.

    I get your premise that written ones are easier to maintain, and for ref, they are certainly helpful.  But with digesting the huge variety of apps like Substance designer, Painter, Unity itself, keeping up to date with Maya, tangent apps such as Toolbag, and the myriad of plugins such as Bolt, UFPS, Cinema Director, various Dialogue software options... A simple runthrough set of videos is like a glass of cool water in constantly burning desert heat.
  • I have yet to purchase this package. But looking at all the updates, does are original tutorial videos still relevant, or does all these updates make them redundant? 

    And are there goign to be further videos to showcase all these changes, and how to use them ?
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    @klarax: The interface has changed in places, which is the main thing.  The workflow and principles are largely the same, however.

    Aside from those, there's no plenty of other resources at hand: the manual is available to download, and there are text/image tutorials as well.
  • I think your dedication to updating and fixing issues is very commendable, and your support is great, Ive been a bit hectic on the forum recently but now I have things working I really think AC is going to be one of the best assets I ever bought. Thanks for a great one, I will make a killer FPS with this, and I will be happy to include AC in my credits :-D
  • Hey @ChrisIceBox, Loving the Grim Fandango Style Lip Syncing, its a great time saver/good for prototyping. Any plans for adding extra similar systems for swapping out the eye texture for blinking and emotion, or is that already doable in the system itself?
  • @radiantboy: Great, glad to hear it!

    @ThatNorthridge: If you're using 3D blendshapes, you can use the Shabeable script in conjunction with the Object: Blendshape Action to handle expressions (see the Physics demo).  For a literal repliation of GF's style (i.e. texture swapping), you could make use of the Object: Change material, but it'd be better to write a custom Action to get the best result.
  • Thanks for the information :)

    Last question before i get it:

    Is there a version available for Unity 5 - using 5 beta at the moment, and afraid if i purchase, things wont work? 

    I would update my Unity 4.3 to the latest build, but in the middle of developing another game, and don't want that update to break my current game :P

    Do you know if all works in Unity 5? And if not, is there an ETA on when there is? :)

    Cheers again.
  • OK, i went ahead an purchased it :)

    Things to note:

    In unity 5, everything works correctly. Or so it would appear. But no sound (see end of post)

    In Unity 4.3.2 there are errors generate. 4 of them, maybe you know which. Anyway didn't work. Also no sound (see end of post). I didn't expect this to work anyway, since its for 4.6 upwards. 

    Installed Unity 4.6 everything works and compiles. Except the following issues.

    Across all three: the 2D demo when playing does not use Brian2D, spawns tin pot and it falls forever. You can drag Brian2D into the scene, to stop tin pot spawning.  Pressing play will then start the intro cut scene, but then Brian cannot interact with anything, and walks across the screen only, Even after I positioned it on what i think is the nav mesh area with 0 in Z.

    Finally, in all three versions, the sound volume is 0 on play. They are defiantly at 1 in the editor until you hit play, then suddenly all 0. Turning them up works to hear the volume. But resets again on play. (as you would expect).

    Even after turning the volume up to hear the sound. Pausing the game results in the sound being muted again. Resuming game does not bring sound volume back.

    Any ideas how to sort this demo? having issues :P


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    Hi @klarax

    Are you sure you have loaded the demo managers for each kind of demo? On Adventure Creator top menu there is a "load 2D demo manager" menu option and "3D demo managers" (or something like that). Then, you can open the appropriate demo scene and play it.

  • Hi again.

    First of all. I feel a little foolish. lol. I watched the tutorial, and yes as you said, didnt apply all the managers. Once this was done, the game ran great. The volume was still at 0, but going into the settings while playing, turning it up. Saved the setting and always now stays as it should.

    Secondly, having succesfully set it up in 4.6 i weny ahead and tried Unity 5. And everything works great. I have not tested the 3d demo to see if things are ok in that project. But 2D working. 

    I just need to learn how to use the package now :P


    Gavin Powell
  • Also updated to Unity 5 and everything seems to work fine!
    But I had one minor issue: The very first time after opening and upgrading an old project to Unity 5, there was something wrong with the Player Start Markers when changing scenes (the next scene used the Player Start Marker from the scene before). But just closing Unity and opening it again solves this issue and everything is fine :)
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    I also updated to unity 5 (64bits), but adventure creator doesn't work by importing a project created under unity 4.6.2 (it seems to work if I create a new project). AC tab disappears, and next to the scripts it said: "Associated script can not be loaded"
    Console: "Some scripts have compilation errors which may prevent obsolete API usages to get updated. Obsolete API updating will continue automatically after these errors get fixed."
    Any idea? I will try with unity 5 32bits, but...

    [edit] strange, I removed image effects files and AC works (follow map must be reactivated for NPC otherwise everything seems ok).
  • Yeah, i had a few issues with Unity5 in the end. Went back to 4.6, until an official AC update.
  • I'm having the problem of AC not showing once imported into Unity 5. I can't find the Window for it anywhere, thus I can't use it.
  • I Also updated to Unity 5 but for my everything works fine ;)
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    @klarax, @TayannaStudios: Please let me know of as much info as you can about your Unity 5 problems.  As others (myself included) have no problem upgrading, it's likely something specific to your systems/setups.  Any console errors?  What platform are you working on?  Are you upgrading an existing project to 5, or starting anew?  The more info you can give, the more it'll help.
  • Hey Chris,

    I just updated to Unity 5 and am running into a snag.  I have imported an older project from 4.6 to 5, then opened a new project to download and import Adventure Creator into Unity 5.  After opening up my own project, I am receiving one error in the Console: assets/adventurecreator/Scripts/Actions/ActionMenuCheck.cs(51,17): error CS0104: 'Menu' is an ambiguous reference between 'AC.Menu' and 'UnityEditor.Menu'.  

    I'm not sure how to address this issue.

  • @rowanofrohan: That line of code doesn't reference anything in 1.42c, so try to update AC to the latest before upgrading to Unity 5, if you can.

    To fix the error, you'll have to double-click the log to open the offending line and replace "Menu" with "AC.Menu".  I'm not sure if this is because you're using an earlier version - it may be that all such instances of this have to be amended, which I'll take care of for the next release.
  • @ChrisIceBox - as daft as it sounds, a simple,Unity restart fixed the issues I had.

    I'll have to back dxmachina and say that a video walkthrough on 2.5D's basics would be a dream!
  • @TayannaStudios: I'm currently producing "primer" tutorials for 2D and 3D games.  I could fit in another one on the basics of 2.5D as well.  The plan is for the 2D video to cover the very basics (hotspots, conversations, inventory), while the 3D video will cover more advanced topics (parameters, UI etc).  They're being made as I develop 1.43, so I'm not sure on the release times yet.  Hopefully soon.
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