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Camera switch "Return to last gameplay" broken in 1.43a

I like the new features in 1.43a, but I'm finding some problems...
This time is the Camera switch - Return to last gameplay. When I check it, he returns to the default camera setted in the scene settings... 
I think this is a bug.


  • Can confirm, I have this bug too
  • OK.  What are your Movement methods set to?
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    It's point and click.
    Don't know @skitt2501
  • Same, point and click.
  • Odd.  It's used in the demo and 3D tutorial, and seems to work just fine.  Are there any other conditions camera-wise that you may think be causing it?
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    Ok, here's a video of a quick new scene with 3 cameras.


    It's quite explicative, let me know if you don't understand something (without audio because I don't speak very well english, sorry).

    The only info I can add, is that when I import the new AC version (I've always make this with all versions) I uncheck all the ProjectSettings and the Reference.asset in Resources.

    PS: just tested the same scene on a previous backupped version with AC 1.40b and it works how it should. After 2 sec from Cam3 it goes on Cam2 that is the previous... let me know if I have to send you the Scene file.
  • I'm not 100% sure, but from playing around with the 3D demo most of the time when "return to last gameplay" is used, the intended camera is to return to is actually the original NavCam1, which is the player start cam. 

    I actually tested out changing the "Use: Pinboard" interaction so that the camera "returns to last gameplay" at the last action, and indeed the camera returned to NavCam1, instead of NavCam2 which was the correct last gameplay camera. 

    I also set up a test scene like that of @2finger and the same thing is happening for me. I don't have any unique camera conditions in that scene- it was a blank new scene
  • Thanks - I'll have this fixed for the next update.
  • Great! Thanks to you Chris! ;)
  • Excellent, thanks Chris!
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