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Easy way for hotspots/triggers to show up in game view?

I'm looking for a way to make hotspots and triggers visible by game cameras so that I can carefully position them in correct locations for each specific static camera.

So far I've come up with two ways of doing this, both of them very time consuming:

1. I use a "visualizer" object which is just a normal cube, parent it to the hotspot/trigger I'm after and rest its transform component. This makes it show up in the game camera view as a normal cube. However in a scene with hundreds of hotspots/triggers this becomes fairly burdensome.

2. I attach a mesh filterer and a mesh renderer to each hotspot/trigger. This makes them show up in the game camera view as well but then I need to remove those components after positioning the hotspot/trigger, and adding them one by one to each object is also quite a lengthy procedure for what I need to do. Also I've tried duplicating those objects which have the components attached but the actionlists become linked (i.e. changing one actionlist changes the other to match).

Has anyone found an easier way to go about this? I presume others have needed to precisely position triggers and hotspots in a similar manner, has anyone found a better trick for this? Or maybe there can be an add-on button to the scene manager which makes hotspots/triggers visible in the game view similarly to the way done in the scene view? Thanks!


  • If they show up in the Scene window, then enabling "Gizmos" in the Game window has always worked for me.
  • Oh my! I've never actually played around with that! Well, now I'm glad I asked, this makes things MUCH easier. 

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