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AdventureCreator 2D games for retina iPad

Are there any guidelines on how to develop for a retina iPad? Do images have to be named properly like 2x? Would be very helpful. thnx


  • Not that I know.

    The thing is... Unity built-in 2D sprites/fonts/things doesn't have any support for multi-resolution atlases... The only thing you could do is using mipmaps. Or make an Unity bundle with SD/HD textures... But I'm not sure how...

    I use 2DToolkit just for this. It has 2 things that are needed for multi-plataform and multi-resolution...

    1º Aspect ratio configuration : You define how your cameras scales for each resolution or aspect ration (scale pixel perfect, scale width, 1:1, black bands... etc). This changes are done via the same way AC does its 2D camera panning/zoom... so both scripts are not compatible in the same camera :( So using this with AC, your game must be 2.5D, so it uses AC's 3D cameras (set to orthographic)... or use 2D mode with your own custom cameras.

    2º Sprite atlas swapping: Here is the trick you are looking for... On 2DToolkit, you have sprites collection, that creates atlases. You can create atlas with sprites for 2x, 4x or whatever. Then the first thing when you init your game, you ask the device DPI, and set a 2DToolkit variable to 2x, or whatever. Then every sprite use one texture or the other.
  • oh man. I was hoping for a much simpler solution, like something built into adventure creator for 2D games. I see all of my dialogue and menu options look pixelated on retina too. Is this because of Unity or AC?
  • I don't need to use SD and HD, only HD. Maybe that makes it easier?
  • It does! :D

    So then, you only want to support a retina ipad? Then just use your HD textures (sprites/backgrounds)... You don't need any special trick to do this.

    Unity by default renders to the max resolution of your device. You can configure it though. So the game is already at retina resolutions.

    If your dialogs and menu options are pixelated that could be caused by your import settings on Unity. Sselect the imported images and on their import settings, set them to "GUI texture" import mode to avoid Unity changing its size/compression/etc... although that mode is lossless it will use more memory/disk space... so maybe you want to play with the settings :)

  • There is no option for GUI texture on my system. only "texture" or "editor GUI"

  • The other issue is that there is no setting for retina iPad on the game display settings. I made my own but it doesn't seem to do anything. The stats window always shows 884x663. 

  • Nah, don't worry... I was talking by memory...

    Try using a type GUI, or Advanced...

    About the resolution: The stats windows shows the stats for the game window... not the on-device resolution. If you resize it, you'll see the number changes too... What I was talking about is this:

    At other settings -> Target Resolution: Native (default)

    So by default, your game will be rendered with a retina resolution when played on a iPad retina
  • thanks I think I will have to test it on the actual device because on my macbook the images don't seem to look HD. 
  • Yes it turns that when I run it on the iPad it does look HD. 
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