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  • Ok, I've attached Follow the Sorting Map script to the player and now demo runs well. However, when I look at the Sorting Map in the Inspector I see that the Position value of the lowest red area is constantly increasing as cursor goes over the scene in the editor, seems wrong but I'm not if it's important.
  • The included player prefab for the 2D Demo, Brain, already has a FollowSortingMap component on his sprite child.  Are you referring to another player, or did it not import correctly?

    Thanks for the alert about the wavering end position.  It's so small as to be unimportant, but I will look to see if I can fix it anyway.
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    Well Brian from the demo works ok now, the problem was in that there was no NavMesh in Tags and Layers and Menu in Edit that you tell about in Tutorial.

    As for my own char - there really is a bunch of problems with it. It's made in Puppet2D so it has really many sprites at once. I've tried to attach Follow Sorting Map to every separate sprite and it still goes below objects. Wavering is present in all of the Sorting Layer areas. And also the char pathfinds with its 0 axis position which its chest and not the 2D Collider at feet.
  • If you download from the Unity Asset Store, then the Tags and Layers should import as well.  If you don't have them, the very first section of the manual, 1.1, covers what to do.

    Rather than placing many FollowSortingMaps on your character, I would recommend just placing one on the top-level sprite if you can, and then checking "Also affect children" in the Inspector, as well as "Offset original order".  This will allow you to use the original sprite's Order In Layer as an offset value, which will be added onto the value calculated by the Sorting Map, and is useful if you have multiple sprites on a character.  Brain uses this feature to give him a shadow displayed underneath him, as covered at the end of the 2D Tutorial.
  • A stupid but critical error was reported today, so v1.45a is now out.  The urgency of this bug meant I couldn't wait for the other reported issues to be included, unfortunately:
    • Fixed: Conversation Inspector not showing all fields
  • zodiac: Do it the way Chris recommended. You have to add a SpriteRenderer component (with no sprite attached) to the global control object as well, because the FollowSortingMaps script passes the sorting layer of the object itself to its children. If you have no renderer in the global ctrl, it won't work. Had the same issue just today.
  • Empty in what way - you mean the Interaction field is blank, or missing completey?  What is your "Interaction source" set to, at the top of the Conversation Inspector.
  • Hey Chris, sorry, is it ok for me to update? Since we did a file replacement for my problem... if that file won't get replaced again then I guess I should be fine?
  • For which problem?  v1.45a only fixed hidden conversation fields - everything else is scheduled for 1.46.
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    The resolution\variables one. Since I had replaced a script with a file that you sent me (RuntimeVariables), and, as you say, this update only fixes another problem, and I don't know exactly which files this update wants to overwrite, can I do it safely, without risking that it will revert this file to the previous one?
  • You can - but when the import box comes up, uncheck everything except ConversationEditor.cs (in AdventureCreator/Scripts/Logic/Editor).  That's the only script file that was changed.
  • @ChrisIceBox

    I hate to ask but did you get anywhere with the 2.5D tutorial? :)
  • It's nearly done - clocking in at (totally coincidentally) 2.5 hours!  Trying to tie it in with the launch of v1.46, which should be out in a few days.
  • Excellent news, thanks Chris! And 2.5 hours? It's as if it was meant to be! ;)
  • Was just wondering this too  :)

    Actually I think I probably want to build more like the inverse of 2.5D.

    Something like 1/2.5D a bit like Mold by @deroesi where the sprite is 2D but the world and physics is 3D.

    Would I be correct in thinking this would still best be planned as a 2.5D from the Wizard, but with a number of adaptations to achieve desired results?
  • @Xidore: You might want to check out the new tutorial vid before deciding, but when you select 2.5D in the wizard you have the option to choose "one background per scene", which is probably what you want.  It's not 2.5D in the "classic" sense a la Grim Fandango, Longest Journey because the camera can pan, but you'll have to have more scenes in your game.

    Then again, probably best yet to ask @deroesi for advice.
  • Great. Will do. Thanks :)
  • Hi Chris,

    Any news on what you have planned for the next release? Just curious is all :)

  • @ThatNorthridge: The main focus is on save game management and save profiles.  Not the most exciting, but a lot of fixes in it too.  Should be out later today or tomorrow.
  • Thanks Chris. This is without a doubt the most worthwhile Unity asset I've purchased. It really does change the playing field in terms of possibilities, especially for the more design-orientated game creator.
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