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Integrating an input plugin like InControl

What's the best way to integrate an input plugin like InControl? We'd like to use that for nice gamepad and touch input. Can we disable only the input part of AC to use something else?

I ask because we've been using AC for almost 18 months on our game now, but we made a mistake early on of just jumping in and heavily modifying it. As I prepare the scary job of upgrading to 1.42, I'd like to be more careful about integrating changes from here on out.


  • Input buttons and axes are read using the PlayerInput InputGetAxisRaw etc functions.  The syntax is generally:

    Input.GetAxis -> PlayerInput's InputGetAxis function

    If you're not using Ouya, you could think about hijacking the OuyaIntegration script.  Just check Playing on Ouya platform in the Settings Manager, and then all input will be requested through OuyaIntegration.cs' functions - you may therefore be able to replace them with a bridge to InControl.
  • We are using OUYA actually, however we want to be multi-platform with our input, especially with support for a variety of gamepads. So we're going to use InControl. Modifying OuyaIntegration sounds like a great solution for us, thanks!
  • Hi @godatplay, apologies for dragging up this old thread, and I assume you're still around on these forums, but I wanted to check if you ever went ahead trying to integrate InControl with your AC-based game? Did it work out okay?

    I'm currently toying with ideas of how to properly get controller support working across my game (UFPS is awkward at best), and this asset looks like it's my best option.
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